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Intensive French courses in Dieppe

Learn French for a Week-end

If you are looking to learn French for a getaway close to Paris, this is what we offer:

- an immersive 2-day program with individual French classes and activities in Dieppe

- we can organize your stay: train tickets, accommodation, bookings

- you will be able to combine theory and practice, study and leisure.

This is our program:


Saturday morning: arrival in Dieppe and market visit.

Saturday afternoon: a 3-hour class (2:00-5:15pm).

Saturday evening: visit on the beach to enjoy the sunset.


Sunday morning: a 3-hour class (10:00-13:15pm)

Sunday afternoon: beach and/or other activities

Sunday evening: departure from Dieppe

For information about our fees, visit our FAQ. To book, please contact us!

Learn French for a Week-End near Paris

Learn French on Summer Holidays

In addition to our week-end sessions, you can come to Dieppe in the summer to learn French.

You will be able to take French classes and enjoy the summer activities of your choice.

The summer programme consists of 15 hours of classes per week, from Monday to Friday.

So that you can better interact, and have a nice time, these are small group classes, adapted to your level.

There are 3 kinds of activities to do in Dieppe :

  • Gastronomy: beside the restaurants, Dieppe's market has been voted "the most beautiful of France".

  • Sports: swimming and water activities (there is an aquatic centre/gym), golf, tennis, hiking, cycling.

  • Art and culture: Dieppe was a point of attraction for painters and writers in the 19th century.

For more information about things to do in Dieppe, you can visit this page.

For our fees, visit our FAQ. The dates and the timetable vary according to your level. Please contact us!

Learn French on summer holidays
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