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Le français online

Learn French online: our French classes on Skype

Our online school of French has most of what you need to reach your goals in French.

Your teacher is a French Parisian native speaker, experienced and certified. Find out more about who we are!

Our classes are divided in two categories: general French and exam preparation.

With our general French classes, our program aims at making you communicate and understand French.

Through communication in French, we will teach you how to speak French and to pronounce French.

You will gradually be able to hold a conversation in French, or to talk about more complicated subjects.

We will explain French grammar and broaden your vocabulary in French.

Your French curriculum will be based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).

Your French teacher will use genuine situations and materials. Your French classes will also be fun!

We designed 3 model programs: for beginners, for those who know some French, and for advanced learners.

For exam preparation, we will focus on getting ready to take the official French exams.

We prepare students to take the following official exams in French:

- TEF, TEF Carte de séjour, TEF Naturalisation. Your teacher is an official examiner for TEF!

- DELF/DALF, if you want to study in France, or acquire the most advanced certifications in French.

- DFP, if you need French for work and want to work in France.

Your French teacher is experienced in exam preparation. He knows how to deal with stress.

We will cover all the different parts, such as reading, written comprehension, writing, audio comprehension...

And of course, we will explain French grammar and structures, to be ready to take these exams in French.

Cours de FLE en ligne
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